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Anyone who has been in the game awhile knows that having a well thought out workout regimen is crucial to reaching any fitness goal. Diet is an important component of a successful program. If you are not providing your body with the right fuel, you won’t be able to perform at your peak. It’s as simple as that.

Many athletes start with the best of intentions when it comes to their diet by educating themselves and determining the optimal food types and portions for their bodies. Where many diets fall off track is when it comes to the actual day to day execution. Life gets busy, and without a solid plan of what to eat and when, it can be easy to let things slip or not get the right balance of nutrients. No one wants to be tallying up grams and ounces in their head all day.

For example, an athlete who needs to consume 120 grams of protein a day to build muscle doesn’t want to find themselves at the dinner table realizing they still have 100 grams to go before bed. It’s important to space out nutritional intake throughout the day to give your body time to absorb it all properly.

Preparation: The Secret Sauce

As with nearly everything in life, developing a detailed plan will help you reach your goals far more effectively than winging it. Rather than simply quick logging meals as you go, take it a step further by creating a meal plan that extends several days. The advance planning will pay off with peace of mind knowing that you are prepping your body properly for the workouts you push it through.

SolidHealth allows you to create your own personalized meal plan and track it on a calendar within the app. Here’s how:

Step 1

From the home screen, select the ‘Meals’ section. You will have three choices:

  • My Meals – Customize your meals with precise portions and ingredients.
  • Search – Need inspiration? Search for meals by ingredient in the search field. SolidHealth automatically provides nutritional information.
  • For You – Not sure what you should eat? SolidHealth will walk you through finding the right meals based on the desired nutritional values you input.
solidfit screen

Step 2

The quickest way to create a meal plan is to tap on ‘Search’ and begin typing in a food item in the search field. Scroll through the meals in the drop down menu and select one.

solidfit screen

Step 3

Once you’ve made your meal selection, a more detailed nutritional profile will appear. If you want to schedule this meal, hit ‘Plan’ in the bottom left corner of the screen.

solidfit screen

Step 4

After selecting all your meals for the day (or week if you’re ambitious), navigate to the Calendar from the homescreen. The meals you selected will appear below the calendar and you can easily assign each meal to the right day.

solidfit screen

That’s it! SolidHealth Fitstack app is an easy way for you to customize your meals, ensure you have the right balance of nutrients that your body requires, and it allows you to track everything on a calendar to help you stick to your plan.

Theresa Condon
Theresa Condon

Theresa is a storyteller at heart who is also passionate about helping people achieve their athletic goals. She is a former CCS finalist and Div 1 track & field collegiate athlete. Now, she works with runners of all ages to help them get faster and stronger while having fun!

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