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Finding a high quality professional coach is one of the most important decisions you will make in your athletic career. A good coach creates a customized program that suits your individual needs and goals, and holds you accountable to following it. While you may think you can do much of this yourself, or with advice cobbled from different sources, nothing will take you as far as a coach. Their formal training, expertise, and experience working with other athletes, means that they have a wealth of knowledge to apply in helping you become your best.

Leave the Planning to a Pro

Athletes working towards specific fitness goals should not leave their diet or training up to guesswork. While many of the programs you’ll find through other sources are an excellent place to start, you simply won’t find one that is as unique as you, your body, and your fitness goals as what a coach can offer. Two reasons why:

Body composition. Your mom is right, you are unique, and your workout program should reflect that. Two people of the same age and fitness level can have a resting heart rate difference of up to 20 beats per minute. Since the heart beats per minute (BPM) is used as a baseline to gauge the effort of many workouts, it can make a difference in recovery and maximum effort ranges. Genetics determines factors such as having a high VO2 max so the body processes oxygen more efficiently, or the possession of fast twitch fibres which respond more quickly to weight training than slow twitch fibres.

Age-related fitness needs. The days of eating pizza every night in college and never gaining an ounce are short-lived. Over time, your nutritional needs will change (for example, post-workout protein intake becomes crucial) and a professional coach will take this into account. Muscle repair begins to take longer in middle aged athletes so it’s important for a coach to build in proper recovery time to prevent injury and advise how to encourage tissue repair with the right diet and supplements.

A good coach can create a meal and training plan that addresses your needs in a safe and healthy way. As you progress, they will frequently check in and adapt it as necessary. The longer you and your coach work together, the more familiar they will become with your body and how best to maximize its potential.

If you are interested in finding a qualified coach, the SolidHealth Fitstack app can connect you with several potential “matches”.

Connect with a Coach on SolidHealth Fitstack

Step 1

From the home screen, select the ‘Coaches’ icon in the top center.

solidfit screen

Step 2

If you already know a coach you are interested in working with, search for their username by tapping on the search field. If your current coach is not already using SolidHealth, make their day and invite them to join!

Step 3

Once you’ve selected an individual coach you can easily message them to inquire about availability, style, rates and more. Be sure to ask specific questions so the coach can determine whether they can help you.

There are many great, experienced coaches using the SolidHealth FitStack app to connect with and manage clients. Your next big breakthrough could be right around the corner so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.


Theresa Condon
Theresa Condon

Theresa is a storyteller at heart who is also passionate about helping people achieve their athletic goals. She is a former CCS finalist and Div 1 track & field collegiate athlete. Now, she works with runners of all ages to help them get faster and stronger while having fun!

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