The fitness industry has changed rapidly over the past few years, and business processes are a perfect example of this evolution. For example, trainers used to be involved with only one aspect of your health – the gym routine. They had little knowledge or expertise in areas of clients’ lifestyles outside the facility, so their influence was limited. Today, a more popular choice is to work with a coach who will help develop a fitness plan that takes into account many factors including age, lifestyle, diet, and workouts to help athletes reach their maximum potential. It’s easy to see that athletes achieve better results with a more comprehensive program that considers all this health data factors.

One area in which many fitness programs have still not evolved is with the handling of client health data. Many health and fitness apps that offer coaching services require clients to log sensitive health information such as diet and workouts, then store it in their private database. From there, coaches determine a coaching plan, and share that information with the client.

Wait a second.

This means that the work you’ve done, the workouts you’ve logged, don’t actually belong to you and may not be secure. Your information might be kept in a filing cabinet or digital database at a gym, or in some cases accidentally discarded by a coach. This data is valuable because it reflects how your body has adapted to different workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle factors. If you change gyms or coaches, you would lose all that data because it would stay in the database or with that gym or coach. This means you or your new coach would have to start building a new program from scratch without the benefit of your historical health data.

A few of the benefits to retaining complete ownership of your health data include:

  • Security against loss whether by policy or accident
  • Total visibility for yourself and whomever you choose to work with
  • No lost time or guesswork involved when changing gyms or coaches
  • A complete health record regarding which food and workouts help you feel your best
  • A historical health record that shows how your body changes over time, allowing you to take more control over the process. Knowledge is power!

    health data security

    Is your health data secure?

In summary, who should own the results of your blood, sweat, and tears? You should.

After all, no one knows your body better than yourself. It means that you should be able to track your workouts and meals, and be able to share them with others as you wish. You should feel confident that you have full control over your sensitive health and fitness data, and it’s difficult to find that level of security with a traditional training model.

The SolidHealth Difference

SolidHealth was created with these principles of security and control in mind. “Your preventative care data should be as important as your health records,” says SolidHealth founder, Eric Cavazos. In other words, the security of all your health-related data is a high priority, and the control of this data should remain in your hands, not the coach or gym’s hands.

To accomplish this, SolidHealth breaks from the traditional training model with a platform designed to protect the data integrity of both coach and client. The SolidHealth model puts the control of a client’s health data in the hands of the client – where it should be. By allowing coaches and organizations to only access data from a client that has connected with them, it maintains a high degree of privacy for the client. With digital assets and schedule modifications, coaches can view data from a client, and then make recommendations to improve it without compromising the integrity of a client’s personal data. The client still owns the data they have completed and logged.

This unique system maintains the integrity of your health data record, which is invaluable to future coaches, other health professionals, or even insurance companies. The kind of data recorded in your fitness training program provides healthcare professionals with a treasure trove of information as to how your body responds to different stimuli and how it has changed over time. It’s security should not be taken lightly, and that’s what SolidHealth does differently. Welcome to a new world of Health and Fitness platform services.


How to Work with a SolidHealth Coach

There are two ways your SolidHealth coach can help you; via digital asset or schedule modification. Here’s a deeper dive into what these options are, and how they are designed to enhance the health data security of both coach and client.

Digital Asset

Digital assets are predefined workouts, meals, documents, or programs that a user can open, plan, and reuse as often as they like on their schedule or to manage their own fitness program. Power to the people! Coaches can share assets with you, giving ability to the client to re-incorporate a meal or workout into their schedule or go through a program again.

Schedule Update

With this option, SolidHealth coaches can directly update and make additions to your planned schedule, and modify parts of it, but the client doesn’t receive a digital asset of their meal, workout, or program. Think of it like professional consultation. For example, if your goal is to reach a certain weight, a coach can use their industry expertise and knowledge of what has worked for past clients to help inform and improve your program – with your permission of course. You still have the freedom to use their recommendations as you see fit.

These options result in greater security for both client and coach because:

  1. You remain in control of your program components, while still getting the benefits of professional guidance.
  2. Coaches can retain greater control over their routines and have an easier time recommending changes to clients’ existing training programs.

Start building your health profile today. Sign up for free to get started, with or without a coach. You’ll find many tools to help you build a complete health profile, as well as resources like meal plans, a professional coach network, and more.

Theresa Condon
Theresa Condon

Theresa is a storyteller at heart who is also passionate about helping people achieve their athletic goals. She is a former CCS finalist and Div 1 track & field collegiate athlete. Now, she works with runners of all ages to help them get faster and stronger while having fun!

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