As a coach, you know that your job involves much more than simply counting reps for a client or handing them a sweat towel after a hard set. There are many components to a coach’s job:

  • Preparing workouts geared toward clients’ fitness goals
  • Keeping them on track during the workout
  • Providing motivation and support when needed
  • Tracking results during and post-workout
  • Monitoring nutritional intake and building a meal plan
  • Continuously fine tuning the program to make sure your client is getting the max benefit from each session.

With so many things to monitor simultaneously, it is not an easy job. Coaches deserve adequate compensation for their efforts. But how do they know how much to charge? Most coaches bill clients by the hour or session. It can be difficult to determine how to charge your client for the different services you are providing.

Three Services Every Coach Provides

We recommend breaking down each session into three types of services. All these services support your ultimate goal of guiding your client on their fitness journey in different ways. These three types of services are:

  • Motivation – Remind them of their goals and progress to keep the fire lit at each session. As a coach, your physical appearance and mental attitude should also inspire your clients to put their full effort into the workout. When they see you demonstrating the lifestyle and look they want to achieve, it becomes a powerful motivator. Connect with them through the SolidHealth app to provide ongoing encouragement outside the gym.
  • Support – Support means providing emotional support, answering questions, and giving technical guidance at every stage of the workout. If your client is remote, a coach’s support may also take the form of chatting, texting, or phone calls. SolidHealth makes it easy to communicate with your client in many ways from the same platform.
  • Expertise – Your experience and training has given you a reputation as someone a client can put their faith in who can and will get them where they want go. Use this knowledge to design a customized workout and nutrition plan for your client taking into account their age, health, lifestyle, and goals. SolidHealth gives coaches the ability to manage quality programs for multiple clients by building an historical record of key data (workouts, weight gain/loss, diet) for each one.

Tracking Services Provided in SolidHealth FitStack App

In order to identify the true value you provide to your clients, you need to first break down the types of services you provide on a day to day basis. SolidHealth Office and SolidHealth Professional  make it easy to do this so you can clearly see the amount of each service you provide in terms of time blocks. As a coach, you are your own boss, so you can easily modify the amount of time you spend on each type of service based on what you believe will work better for your client.

Check out the image below to see how this is done.

solidfit professional coach dashboard

In the FitStack coach dashboard, under the ‘Time Management’ tab you will find a history of time stamps of each session. You can even record time you’ve spent communicating with a client via phone or video. By carefully tracking this information you will have a better idea of the time and effort it takes to help your clients achieve their goals.

Time Management: What is it Good For?

Time in the gym flies by so you must be always be conscious that your time with each client is limited. Make the most of each session by tracking the services you offer in the FitStack app and taking time to evaluate where you spend the most time with each client. For example, perhaps one client asks lots of questions regarding the workout so you know you will need to allot more time for support at each session. Another client may be a workhorse, powering through every rep. In that case you spend minimal time on support and motivation, you spend the most time on expertise.

Tracking this kind of data for each client makes you a better coach and comes in handy when determining how much to charge for your services. Make time management a habit so that when it comes to creating and scheduling workouts you have the data you need to develop a truly effective program for each client.


Theresa Condon
Theresa Condon

Theresa is a storyteller at heart who is also passionate about helping people achieve their athletic goals. She is a former CCS finalist and Div 1 track & field collegiate athlete. Now, she works with runners of all ages to help them get faster and stronger while having fun!

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