SolidHealth is a family of products that connect organizations, coaches, marketplaces, and individuals to facilitate customer management for health and fitness. Each product offers connections based on the product’s target usage.


Program Crafting, Client Management, Billing & Payments, Open Marketplace. 
SolidHealth has the platform to support it all.

Our Mission

The Problem

Inefficiency in client management, payment methods, communication, service tooling, and data manage which leads to significant loss in productive time and limitations on client intake and cycle.

Limits of business growth determined by location, taking an organization online and the challenges that encompass.

The Solutions

SolidHealth can increase the proficiency of a health coach by more than 300%, where most used to be limited to handling 20 clients at most, can now handle more than 60, tripling their revenue generation, and also the generation of revenue for facilities.

SolidHealth also extends services that organizations can offer, by facilitating the management of nutrition and training together. We simplify the process of growing one’s business by offering a community of health & fitness enthusiasts.