Frequently Asked Questions

How does Solid Club increase security?

Solid Club assigns a unique code to each mobile check-in which increases security with fewer fraudulent entries such as members giving their cards to friends.

How can I manage my staff with Solid Club?

As an admin you can create an entire spectrum of staff roles within Solid Club. Track everyone’s schedules and activity to prevent scheduling conflicts or over- or under-staffing your locations. You can also manage coaches working remotely within the same view. Admins can set access permissions within the Solid Club portal depending on staff role.

Can Solid Club help with marketing to my members?

Absolutely! Stay top of mind with your members by pushing notifications of special events and deals, or distributing exclusive content like new recipes or workouts. We make it easy to upsell to your members and expand your reach beyond your physical location.

How much does it cost?

We determine custom pricing depending on the size of your facility. We have separate plans for studios, large gyms, and CrossFit gyms. Contact us at to learn more.

Can I integrate my facility management tools?

Yes, if you already have a facility management tool you love, you can simply integrate it with Solid Club. Solid Club can also function as your facility management tool for scheduling group classes and reserving rooms.