Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements to become a coach?

No, there are no official requirements to register as a coach. We do encourage you to include years of experience, specialities, and certifications in your coaching profiles to attract clients who are looking for your area of expertise.

How do I connect with my clients?

Connecting with clients is very easy. If your client already has a Solid Health account, they’ll receive a connection request notification. If they do not have an account, you can send an invitation to connect via email that includes a special code to sign up with a Solid Health account.

Can I build my clients’ meals, exercises, and workouts? Can I include media?

Yes to all of the above! Solid Office is all about empowering you to manage your business and clients however you see best. We make it easy to build custom workouts, exercises, and meals within the product, and share them with your clients or add them directly to a client’s Schedule. You can also upload images, media, and PDFs to share.

How do I receive money from my clients?

Easily connect your bank account to your Solid Office account when you set up for seamless payouts every 72 hours. Standard processing fee of .029% + .30 per transaction. If you sent an invoice for $100, the $3.20 processing fee would be deducted from the payout and you’d receive $96.80 within 72 hours.

Is it possible to get a custom branded app for my clients?

A Signature Edition is only available for Office if you have a team.  Contact us at to discuss this option if it is applicable to you.