Frequently Asked Questions

Many of my coaches work remotely. How can Solid Professional help me manage them?

Solid Professional is an ideal solution for organizations whose coaching staff are spread far and wide. Solid Professional allows many people to work together as easily as if they were in the same city. The centralized business processes and scheduling features make running a business with remote workers much more streamlined.

How many members or clients do you support?

We can handle ‘em all. Our goal is to help you build your business and that means more members and clients! Solid Professional supports unlimited clients and members in your organization.

What kinds of media can be stored in Solid Professional?

We’ve found that most coaches prefer to be able to share visual aids such as photos and videos with clients, as a way of enhancing training plans and providing clarity. Solid Professional can upload any video format, and JPEG or PNG image files.

How do I receive money from members and clients? Are there any processing fees?

Through the Solid Professional platform, you can manage invoices, subscriptions, and memberships safely and securely. Payment handling also takes place within the system. Directly connect your bank account for secure ACH deposits every 72 hours. There is a standard processing rate of 2.9% + .30.

How can I onboard new and existing clients?

You can easily customize onboarding forms with various types of questions such as workout history, diet, sleep schedule, etc. You can even include video or images on the forms to provide clarity to certain questions.

Is it possible to get a custom branded app for my clients?

Yes, you can. Contact us at to discuss how we can develop a custom Solid Professional Signature Edition that highlights your brand.

How many team members can I have?

We’re not in the business of putting limits on your business. Solid Professional can support all your team members.

Can I customize my modules?

Yes, as part of your Solid Professional package, module customization is available.