Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a coach, and what do they charge?

It’s easy to find and connect to any coach, gym, organization within the Solid Health Network. Coaches and organizations determine their pricing structure. We do not control or enforce any pricing policies.

How can I communicate with my coach?

Real-time messaging makes it easy to connect with your coach, gym, or organization within Solid Fit. Your coach can schedule your meals and workouts on a daily basis. With easy communication, you can inform them of changes to your routine or health so they can modify your plan accordingly.

How can Solid Fit help me reach my training goals?

Whether you are training for a competition or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle, Solid Health has the right tools to help. Fitness veterans and newbies alike can find meals and workouts that are relevant to their goals on the Solid Health Network, and then track their progress.

How do I track my progress in Solid Fit?

Solid Fit offers THE most customizable range of stats and measurements you’ll find in any fitness app. You can track every set, rep, measurement, and lift easily with an app that was designed for exactly that purpose. The Schedule feature allows you to view this data in chronological order. You can also upload progress pictures (and share them) as a visual marker of what you have accomplished.

Is the app available for Android and Apple?

Yes, it is available in the Apple and Android app stores.

I have certain diet restrictions. Can Solid Fit help me stick to them?

Our food item and recipe database can be used to create a nutrition strategy that works for every diet. Plus, recipes contain a list of Allergens to help you stay healthy and strong.