Manage your fitness lifestyle

  • 30 Day Calendar View

    Look ahead to see upcoming events, tasks, meal and workout assignments. Colored dots appear on the days you have specific events planned.

  • Add To Day

    Quickly add task, meal, workout, water, or sleep to any day (past, present, or future).

  • Plan Ahead

    Schedule future meals, workouts and tasks that you’d like to complete in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

  • Log Past

    Log past meals, workouts, and tasks that have already occurred but were never logged.

  • View Macros And Calories

    View assigned macro or calorie targets and track meals on the go to ensure you are hitting your numbers.

  • View Sleep And Water

    View assigned sleep and water targets and make sure you are staying on track by logging water intake and sleep cycle.

  • Meal Media

    You can upload recipe videos or other content to accompany your meals.

  • Log Meal

    Logging meals will automatically sync and update your daily targets.

  • Macro Breakdown

    Accompanying each meal is a full macro breakdown of the meal items.

  • Plan Meal

    Preparing your weekly intake? You can plan meals in your calendar so that they are logged in advance.

  • Create A Meal

    Ability to create your own personalized meals and recipes using our nutrition database, quick items list, and your own custom list of items and ingredients.

  • Find A Meal

    Search from a wide selection of delicious, healthy meals and recipes.

  • Find A Workout

    Search the Solid Fit workout library for a variety of public workouts provided by personal trainers, fitness instructors and coaches.

  • My Workouts

    A full list of your own customized workouts created by you or provided by your coach.

  • Create A Workout

    Ability to create and customize your own unique workout. Choose your target muscle groups, favorite exercises, and enter your desired sets, reps, and rest.

  • Workout Advice

    Not sure what to do for a workout? Our suggestive engine allows you to seek workout advice based on your fitness goals.

  • Plan Workout

    Plan ahead and schedule your workouts for the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

  • Log Workout

    Once a workout is finished you can log a workout on your schedule as complete for today or any number of previous days.

  • Add Set

    Feeling unstoppable today? Easily add sets to your rep with just a few clicks.

  • Add Rep

    Data doesn’t lie! Track your reps with options to set hold times, to failure, and more. These numbers give you an accurate view of the your workout.

  • Determine Workout Target

    Make an informed decision about what muscle target to focus on during a workout. Solid Fit shows exactly which muscles are targeted by which exercise. Over time, you’ll see the trend in how different exercises affect muscle growth.

  • Superset Exercise

    Ramp up your workout by adding a superset on the fly. It’s go time!

  • Connect to a Friend

    Share your progress with your fitness-minded friends by connecting with them in the Solid Health Network. They’ll be able to see the workouts you’ve logged and any other information you choose to share.

  • Connect to a Coach

    Find a top-notch coach through the Solid Health Network to really take your workouts to the next level.

  • Connect to a Gym

    Find your current gym and manage your membership through Solid Health. Or mix things up, try a new gym, and find new workouts. The beauty of the Solid Health Network is that you don’t have to stick to what you know. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

  • Connect to an Organization

    Get exclusive access to members-only workouts and meal plans by connecting to an organization through the app.

  • Quickly Log Stats

    Create custom stats that help you stay on track to achieving your goals. Dream it, do it, log it.

  • Track Measurements

    The only way to see progress is to know where you started. Track key measurements in Solid Fit to see how you’re progressing… and where you might need to step it up.

  • Set Targets for Sets

    Set goals for every set to keep yourself focused through the workout.

  • Track Lifts

    Create and track custom lifts and your one-rep max in both lb or kg. We’re here to ‘spot’ you on what you whatever you want to track. Gimme everything you got!! (a lˋa Lonnie in “I Love You Man”).

  • Find a Workout

    Pick your power potion. The Solid Health Network has a ton of resources for helping you have fun while improving fitness. Easily search and download a workout plan in line with your preferences.

  • Find a Coach

    Connect with a professional coach in Solid Fit who can help you reach your goals. Once you’ve found a match, you’ll be able to communicate with them, receive workouts and meal plans, and handle payments, all within the app.

  • Find a Meal Recipe

    No more wondering what to make for dinner. Solid Fit has a ton of nutritious, delicious recipes you can access at any time to make your meals and integral part of your training plan.

  • Purchase a Mambership

    Find a gym or organization membership options, and register same day with Solid Fit. You’ll be able to manage your profile, payments, and membership settings easily and securely.

  • Follow your Favorite Influencer

    Instant fitspo! Find out how your favorite fitness influencers and friends get results by viewing their publicly shared workouts and diet plans.

  • Track Your Documents

    Store and manage PDFs and other document s in Solid Fit.

  • Download Custom Lessons

    Access and download lesson plans shared by your coach.

  • Download Custom Workouts

    Download workouts share by your coach or gym for anytime access.

  • Manage Payment Methods

    Securely add a payment method for memberships, invoices, or subscription from individual coaches or organizations.

  • View Transaction History

    Monitor your spending by accessing your transaction history at any time.

  • Manage Subscriptions

    Easily access and edit the settings for your subscriptions with coaches or organizations that you are connected with through Solid Health.

Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

Solid Fit makes it easy to find and connect with the right coach to help you reach your fitness goals. You could head into your very next sweat session with a professionally designed workout plan in hand. That’s how fast it can happen!

Experience the Difference

Results Don’t Lie
  • 75%

    More efficient in reaching goals
  • 50%

    Faster responses to communications
  • 85%

    Solid Fit users would recommend to a friend
  • 42%

    More recipes available for download