Easily Build Custom Meal Plans, Training Plans, Programs, And More...

  • Billing

    Easily create and manage invoices or subscriptions for your clients for services rendered.

  • Manage Client Profile

    View and edit details such as name, address, nutrition style, food allergens, training preferences, emergency contacts, physical limitations, and more.

  • View Client Stats, Measurements, Lists

    Create custom stats for each client to track their fitness status and progress.

  • Share Media Assets

    Media assets such as images and videos are a very important component of coaching. With Solid Office, coaches can upload and share media assets with clients to enhance their training.

  • Time Management

    Log the time spent per client in terms of nutrition and training planning, as well as in-person sessions. This breakdown helps the client understand the value of your services, and helps you ensure you are pricing your services appropriately.

  • Client Scheduling

    The Solid Office Client Schedule feature allows you to spoon feed a program to your client. Coaches can update Client Schedules with customized workouts, supplements, and meals. Clients can access their Schedules any time with the Solid Fit app. This not only allows for easy modifications, but it encourages compliance by giving your client exactly what they need to succeed.

  • Notes

    Quickly and easily add notes regarding client performance, issues, and action items in Solid Office.

  • Detailed Nutrition

    Each meal is accompanied by a full nutrition label and macro breakdown of each item in the meal.

  • Share Meals

    Create meals and share with your coaches as well as publish it to the public database.

  • Meal Media

    Upload images, videos, or YouTube videos with each meal or recipe.

  • Item Database

    When creating meals, choose from your own private stored meals and items or access the public database for a wide range of food items, meals and recipes.

  • Build Workouts

    Build custom workouts for your clients using the SoldFit workout builder. Choose exercises from the public database, Quick Exercise List, or My Exercises. If you don’t see an exercise you need, you can add it to the database yourself. Set specific muscle targets, sets, reps, supersets, rest time, weight, and time for each workout.

  • Exercise Media

    Upload and use your very own photos and videos of yourself or team members for exercise demonstrations, tutorials, and inspiration.

  • Muscle Group Breakdown

    Exercises can have one or multiple muscle targets. Design your exercises with specific muscle target percentages so your clients understand the desired exertion rate and focused muscle group.

  • Workout Library

    SolidHealth stores your personal workouts so that you can use, modify and view as you go. Filter search through your coaching materials and implement in your clients’ programs or share with other coaches.

  • Determine Sets and Reps

    Pre-set the number of sets and reps to be completed during each client session.

  • Custom Rep Types

    Add customized rep types to any workout depending on what your client wants to focus on that day.

  • Muscle Targets

    Set muscle targets to keep each workout focused.

  • Chat

    Chat directly with clients within the platform to answer questions, provide guidance, and monitor compliance.

  • Send Assets

    Coaches can easily upload and send assets such as meal plans and workouts to clients through Solid Office.

  • Client Activity

    Track client account activity to ensure they are following your plan.

  • Notifications

    You will get notified via mobile when you receive payments from clients.

  • Connect to Bank Account

    Connect to any banking system to streamline your accounting processes. Systems sync every 72 hours so you get an accurate view of your finances at any time.

  • Invoices

    With Sold Office, you can safely and securely manage the billing process, from creating and sending invoices to receiving payments.

  • Payment Status

    Easily see the status of outstanding and paid invoices/subscriptions to get an accurate pictures of your revenue stream.

  • Transaction Tracking

    Get a real-time look at your financial status by looking at a list of transactions on your account.

  • Lesson Plans

    Upload lessons plans and send them to clients quickly and securely.

  • Privacy Policy

    Upload your company’s privacy policy so it is visible and accessible to all your clients.

  • Terms of Service

    Upload your client’s Terms of Service agreement.

  • Contracts

    Solid Office makes signing up new clients a breeze. When you send out a new contract the new client will be able to sign it instantly from their mobile device.

  • Upload Content

    Allow your coaches to enhance their workout plans by uploading instructional videos and images to the media library.

  • YouTube

    Increase subscribers by sharing your YouTube channel with clients. Solid Office supports optimal encoding for all video formats.

  • Manage All Media

    Organize the Media Library by allocating searchable tags to each media item depending on the type of content.

  • Define Form Info

    Solid Office allows you to easily build your form template directly within the platform to feature your branding.

  • Questions

    Customize your forms to include the unique questions that matter to your business processes. Capturing this information early can help provide clients with a more personalized approach to their training.

  • Manage Media

    Add visual content to your forms to improve the clarity of the questions posed to clients.

  • Send Form

    Search a contact in Solid Office via name or email, and send them a form directly from the platform.

Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

Time is money! Increase your revenue stream by optimizing your time as a manager with complete visibility into finances. Enable your coaches to improve client satisfaction by tracking their time spend per session, and optimizing attention in the right areas for individual clients’ needs and expectations.

Experience the Difference

Results Don’t Lie
  • 40%

    Increase in the number of Clients
  • 95%

    Client retention rate after the first workout
  • 70%

    Increase in Client Compliance
  • 50%

    Time saved per month