Sports team management for winners.

  • Team Management
    Team Management

    All aboard! With Solid Performance, you’ll be able to manage and coordinate with your entire coaching staff, and athletes, from a single platform.

  • Athlete Management
    Athlete Management

    Record all important stats about your athletes to ensure you have their health data at your fingertips. This deep knowledge allows you to help spot performance trends, and get to know their individual needs. Our custom stat tracking goes far beyond height and weight. Literally, any stat you want to track can be created.

  • Nutrition Coaching
    Nutrition Coaching

    Each athlete has a schedule where you can easily add meals or macro targets. This encourages compliance and dedication to your program both on and off the field.

  • Training

    The customization capabilities continue! Not only can you create workouts within Solid Performance, if you’re in need of inspiration you can choose exercises from the public database, Quick Exercise List, or My Exercises. If you don’t see an exercise you need, you can add it to the database yourself. Set specific muscle targets, sets, reps, supersets, rest time, weight, and time for each workout.

  • Chat

    Solid Performance features a chat functionality and topic-based message boards for coordinating with any contact on the platform.

  • Calendar

    Schedule team meetings by adding an appointment time and place directly to everyone’s calendar at once.

  • Mobile App For Athletes
    Mobile App For Athletes

    The Solid Performance package includes a mobile app (Android or Apple) for every athlete. This app allows you to stay connected with every individual on the team and manage the training and meal schedules, as well as receive important notifications from staff.

  • Notifications

    Immediately notify your entire team of urgent updates like injuries or line up changes through the Solid Performance mobile app.

Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

Between creating training programs, monitoring competition schedules, communicating with other coaches, and holding practices, team coaches have limited time. Solid Performance eliminates the hassle of coordinating and communicating with the whole team, and provides coaches and athletes with a secure health record that takes the guesswork out of determining how to help each athlete succeed. Less wasted time, and more informed decisions lead to strong improvements in overall team performance.

Experience the Difference

Results Don’t Lie
  • 60%

    Faster Scheduling
  • 100%

    Secure Health Profiles
  • 90%

    Compliance with Workout and Nutrition Plan
  • 30%

    Fewer Overuse Injuries