Target. Plan. Log.

  • Team Profiles

    Manage and edit the profiles of your team members to display information such as their role, specialities, experience, and schedule.

  • Clients

    When it comes to the bread and butter of your business, details matter. In Solid Professional you can create a comprehensive profile of each individual client’s important details. You will also be able to manage each coach’s client roster, and respond to special requests.

  • Timesheet

    Employees track their hours within a timesheet that breaks down their hours spent per client within each billing cycle.

  • Payments

    With Solid Professional, you have the ability to set up automatic payments between the organization and the coaches to ensure your employees are paid on time.

  • Profile

    Easily manage member profile details, membership plan details, and add notes about each person.

  • Share Exclusive Content

    Easily share members-only deals and content such as meal plans and workouts.

  • Billing

    Handle all billing related tasks and issues to ensure a smooth revenue stream.

  • Improve Retention Rates

    Keep your members happy with an easy to use solution that allows them to take advantage of their membership benefits remotely.

  • Client Overview

    Allows coaches to view and manage their client list. Selecting a client profile will show client details, contact information, set goals, and their fitness overview such as current and target body stats, measurements, and lifts.

  • Client Schedule

    Gives coaches access to their client’s daily schedule and allows them to set target goals and assign meals, training, water, sleep, and tasks. It also provides instant updates as the the client logs their assignments allowing the coach to view their progress in real time.

  • Media

    Share and receive media with clients such as progress pictures, workouts, exercise explanations, and recipe videos. Each client will have their own personal media library.

  • Time Management

    Time management allows coaches to keep track of all time spent communicating with clients making it easy to see when a client has used all their allocated coaching time, hasn’t used enough time or needs to be billed for additional coaching time.

  • Invoices

    Organizations will be able to manage billing processes for both members, and coaching clients, all from one location.

  • Subscriptions

    Set clients up on subscription plans to be billed automatically at the price and frequency of your choice.

  • Payment Status

    Manage all invoices, subscriptions, and program purchases by tracking their payment status as Sent, Paid, Cancelled, and Declined.

  • View Payments

    View total payments from each client, next expected payment, unpaid totals, and payments overdue.

  • Company Meal List

    Team members can view the company’s meal library, add to the meal library by creating new meals, and assign these meals to their clients.

  • Create New Meal

    Use our meal builder to create custom meals from approved meal items. Upload images or videos, to accompany your meals.

  • Share Meal

    Create meals and share with your coaches as well as publish it to the public database.

  • Meal Item Database

    Use our robust meal item database to build full recipes and meals.

  • Company Workouts

    Team members can view the company’s workout library, create and add new workouts to the library, and assign these workouts to their clients.

  • Build New Workout

    Build custom workouts for your clients using the SoldFit workout builder. Choose exercises from the public database, Quick Exercise List, or My Exercises. If you don’t see an exercise you need, you can add it to the database yourself. Set specific muscle targets, sets, reps, supersets, rest time, weight, and time for each workout.

  • Muscle Group Breakdown

    Exercises can have one or multiple muscle targets. Design your exercises with specific muscle target percentages so your clients understand the desired exertion rate and focused muscle group.

  • Exercise Media

    Upload and use your very own photos and videos of yourself or team members for exercise demonstrations, tutorials, and inspiration.

  • Determine Sets and Reps

    Pre-set the number of sets and reps to be completed during each client session.

  • Custom Rep Types

    Add customized rep types easily to any workout.

  • Muscle Targets

    Stay on course to achieve your training goals by setting muscle targets for each session.

  • Custom Memberships

    Define the membership types and services that are unique to your organization.

  • Pricing

    Outline pricing specifications and add this information to different types of memberships or services. Solid Professional will also allow you to set up different payment plans that clients can select from once they sign up for a membership.

  • Membership Features

    Describe each membership option in detail so your potential client knows exactly what they are getting. Information may include numbers of sessions, duration, additional training opportunities, etc.

  • Additional Assets

    To really showcase the value of your organization, you can add exclusive content to membership plans, such as complimentary meal recipes, initial workouts, and onboarding forms.

  • Lesson Plans

    Upload lessons plans and send them to members and clients quickly and securely.

  • Privacy Policy

    Upload your company’s privacy policy so it is visible and accessible to all your members and clients.

  • Terms of Service

    Promote transparency by uploading your company’s terms of service to Solid Professional.

  • Contracts

    Solid Professional makes signing up new clients a breeze. When a coach sends out a new contract, the new client will be able to sign it instantly from their mobile device.

Media Library
  • Upload Content

    Allow your coaches to enhance the quality of their workouts by uploading videos and images to the media library.

  • YouTube

    Increase subscribers by charing your YouTube channel with clients. Solid Professional supports optimal encoding for all video formats.

  • Manage All Media

    Organize the Media Library by allocating searchable tags to each media item depending on the type of content.

  • Define Form Info

    Solid Professional allows you to easily build your form template directly within the platform to feature your branding.

  • Manage Media

    Add visual content to your forms to improve the clarity of the questions posed to clients.

  • Questions

    Customize your forms to include unique questions for clients that can help to accelerate onboarding, gain direct feedback on their experience with your program, or gather any necessary data once their program is complete. Question types may include: multiple choice, short text, long text, True/False, etc.

Maximize Team Effectiveness

Maximize Team Effectiveness

Empower your employees to do their best work by giving them the tools to manage their time effectively, communicate easily with clients, and access and share resources whenever they need it. With Solid Professional, you will see an immediate impact on the quality of client and coach satisfaction. As an owner, you will be able to streamline various processes such as memberships, client onboarding, billing, and payments, all from a single, secure platform.

Experience the Difference

Results Don’t Lie
  • 40%

    Manage more clients per coach
  • 70%

    Increase your organization revenue
  • 30%

    Improved Member Retention
  • 80%

    Increased Client compliance