Corporate program for awesome employers dedicated to employee health and wellness.

  • Employee Health Management
    Employee Health Management

    Encourage employees to get started by inviting them to onboard and begin working with a Solid Wellness coach. Signup is very simple and include an unlimited number of users.

  • Personalized

    Show your employees you really care about their well-being with Solid Wellness’ personalized approach to care. Your employees are a diverse group of people with different interests and passions. Help them improve by providing them with a choice of fitness options. Yoga, strength training, cardio... We have options for every interest!

  • Coaches

    Connect with a wide variety of excellent coaches who can address the needs and interests of your active employees.

  • Challenges

    Ignite a competitive fire in your staff by setting up company-wide fitness challenges. Pit Marketing against Sales, or IT against HR. It’s up to you! Solid Wellness walks you through the process of setting up a reward system and tracking participation.

  • Healthier Employees
    Healthier Employees

    Studies show that there are numerous benefits to promoting employee activity such as improved concentration, enhanced creativity, and lower stress levels. As an employer, it’s well worth the effort to provide your employees with resources to improve their health. You’ll see results in higher employee morale and higher levels of productivity.

  • Events

    Host special wellness-related events by inviting your pre-selected coaches and wellness providers on-site. Solid Wellness can connect you to the right people, and organize the details.

  • Direct Coach to Employee Communication
    Direct Coach to Employee Communication

    Your employees will be able to communicate directly with the coach of their choice to set up training and meal plans that will help them achieve their personal wellness goals.

  • Costs and Savings
    Costs and Savings

    The benefits of healthier, more involved employees extend beyond day to day morale improvement. As the employer, you’ll see cost savings trend in lower insurance costs, thanks to reduced doctor visits and fewer sick days.

Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

You could begin positively impacting your employees’ lives right away. Solid Wellness has all the tools you need to launch a corporate wellness program with minimal time invested. Contact us to learn more, and ask about our startup special.

Experience the Difference

Results Don’t Lie
  • 30%

    Increase in Workforce Productivity
  • 80%

    Compliance with Custom Training Plans
  • 15%

    Lower Insurance Rates
  • 0%

    Regret on the Investment